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Instructions for Oral Presentations

There will be 15 minutes given to each presenter.  You may take up to 12 minutes or so for your presentation and we will go to Q/A for the remainder of the time.  General guidelines for your power point presentations  - click HERE

Important Points:

  • The presentation material must be prepared in English.
  • The presentation must be given in English.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint (PC Compatible) to prepare your presentation.
  • Please prepare a presentation which is compatible with the time allocated to your presentation. Reserve some minutes for questions and answers.
  • Bring your presentation on a jump drive or a CD.  The presentations will need to be uploaded to the conference computers prior to each session.
  • Please meet your session moderator during registration, during a coffee break, or at lunch.
  • Prepare a brief note (max 1/2 page) of you background and affiliation and give it to your moderator before the session.
  • Please be in the dedicated conference room 15 minutes prior to your presentation.
  • The session moderator will stop the presentation a few minutes in advance to allow questions and stops the presentation and Q&A when the allocated time has passed.

Instructions for Poster Presenters


  • Posterboards are 4 feet (1.2 m) wide by 4 feet (1.2 m) high.
  • It is recommended that you use a slightly smaller space than the above dimensions so that your entire poster will fit easily on the board.
  • Posters can be affixed to the boards using Velcro or push pins which will be provided.


  • Posters should show the names and affiliations of all contributing authors.
  • It is suggested that you maximize the use of well-designed figures, graphs, and tables, and minimize text, to increase the comprehensibility of your poster.  
  • Use adequate font type and size to ensure good readability.  Headings should be legible at 10 feet (3 meters) distance. The text in the poster should be legible at 5 feet (1.5 meters) distance.

There are two separate poster sessions to accommodate the number of posters.  Please review the program to see which session your poster has been assigned.  Click HERE for the program.

Poster Session 1 is scheduled for Monday, July 13 6pm - 7:30pm.
            Set up: 8am - 1pm on Monday
            Tear down: 3pm - 5pm on Tuesday

Poster Session 2 is scheduled for Thursday, July 16 6pm-7:30pm.
            Set up: 8am - 1pm on Thursday
            Tear down: 1pm - 3pm on Friday

There will be social hours associated with the poster sessions and authors are requested to remain by their posters during the scheduled poster times.  This will provide everyone an opportunity to discuss their posters will attendees.  Leaving your posters up during the scheduled times will provide additional exposure during lunch hours and breaks.

All authors are required to be registered for the conference.  If you have not registered, please do so here.




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